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If there is a creative conversation to be had, we want the Playhouse to be a logical place to have it. We are more than a Theatre, we are a Creative Hub, a space to dream, to ask questions, to seed and grow ideas, to design productions and to put on fabulous shows.


We want to ensure that the pathways to getting into the creative arts are visible, accessible and continuous. Backed by professional knowledge and the right resources to ensure everyone from the region has the opportunity to succeed.


For this to happen, we need to showcase the best theatre, visual art and theatrical events from around the UK. There is no formal route to bringing us an independent show, but sending us an email to [email protected] is a great start, as is inviting us to see your work.  


The Programming Team meets monthly and tends to programme fifteen months in advance. We will do our best to give every application due consideration. If we don’t already know you and your work, you should also invite us to see your show. The Programming Team aim to see as much work as they can in the region. However, we are only a small team at the Playhouse and therefore have to reject many requests.

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